Parking Facilities

Apartment building residents want to be assured of their safety when it comes to entering or exiting a parking area. Christie Overhead Door provides state–of-the-art automatic remote-controlled garage door and gate entry systems.  Our apartment building garage doors and gates are equipped with all U.L.-325 compliant safety features and access controls so only authorized residents can enter the parking facility.  Christie Overhead Door offers unparalleled service programs to provide total parking solutions for apartment building owners and residents.

Our GPS dispatch system will send out the nearest service technician to your building 7 days a week guaranteed.  All our technicians are equipped for virtually any repair.

Total Parking Solutions

  • Indoor Parking Garage Doors
  • Outdoor Parking Lot Gates
  • Door and Gate Automation
  • Access Control Management
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Traffic Light Systems
  • U.L. Compliance Violation Removal

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