Find the Right Look for Your Home with Christie Overhead Doors

Garage doors serve an important purpose, giving you access into and out of your home and protecting your cars and other belonging. Therefore, it’s important that you don’t overlook their potential to contribute to your home’s aesthetic appeal. A garage door is one of your home’s most notable features to friends, neighbors, and people passing by. Investing in a unique, beautiful residential overhead door can make a visual statement that reflects the pride you feel for your home. In addition, you can increase home value and improve the curb appeal of your home should you choose to sell.

The Finest Selection of Residential Garage Doors in Staten Island, New York

Christie Overhead Door offers a wide selection of residential garage doors from Staten Island to Long Island. Christie offers different styles and materials suited to your home’s architectural style and functional requirements. We also offer an exclusive Ornamental Garage Doors and Entry Doors that fit today’s trend of Iron doors. If you browse our selection, we’re confident you’ll find a garage door style that meets your needs in function and appeal. Some of our most popular styles include:

  • Traditional raised panel: A classic, durable, affordable style that requires low maintenance and looks great on a ranch-style and formal colonial homes.
  • Stamped carriage house: A more refined look with design details emulating historical carriage-style homes, crafted from steel with a wood grain finish.
  • Overlay carriage house: A more customizable version of our carriage house style, allowing for greater depth and dimension and coming in a range of materials including fiberglass, steel, cedar, and mahogany.
  • Aluminum and glass: A striking, modern style for homeowners with contemporary sensibilities, made from durable materials with various glass options to suit your style.
  • Custom wood: An elegant, handcrafted option giving your home a truly unique feature, made from quality North American wood and designed to complement other wood accents in your home’s design.
  • Custom composite: Limitless design options emulating authentic wood, steel or bronze doors, hand crafted with more durable materials.
  • Scorrimento: A Christie Overhead Door exclusive design that compliments any Ornamental Iron entry door without the inherent and dangerous weight and maintenance issues of real Iron garage doors

All of our garage door styles offer a degree of customization, making it possible to incorporate your ideas and preferences in the final design. Christie Overhead Door ensures you can show off your residential garage doors in Staten Island with pride and confidence. If you have a business, Christie offers a large selection of commercial garage doors with a number of options to showcase your building beautifully.

Let Christie Overhead Door Handle Your Overhead Garage Door Installation

Whether you’re choosing a garage door for a new property or replacing a door as a home improvement project for an existing property, our I.D.E.A. Certified professionals will perform your garage door installation to the highest standard of quality. Our installations are fast and efficient with long-lasting results, and we’ll do the installation on a schedule that works for you.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Overhead Garage Doors in New York with Regular Upkeep

Christie Overhead Door only use manufacturers in the USA that stand with us as partners to make products that are built to last, but you can help them last even longer by doing some easy maintenance on your own. Checking the alignment of the sensors and regularly testing the auto-reverse mechanism with a piece of wood or other small object under the door not only ensures that your door is working properly but also contributes to your family’s safety. You should also keep the tracks clear of debris, regularly clean and wash your garage doors, and inspect the cables, rollers, and hardware to make note of any repair needs. Our Service team is ready to do this for you so you and your family can rest easy knowing the largest moving part in your house is in good care.

For more serious repairs and maintenance for your overhead garage doors in Staten Island, Brooklyn or surrounding areas don’t ever risk your safety. Just call Christie Overhead Door. Contact us to ask questions or schedule an appointment. Our certified installation and repair technicians are committed to your complete satisfaction and are always happy to help.

An Investment in Your Home’s Future

Your choice of residential overhead doors and commercial garage doors will impact your home’s or business appearance for years. A garage door decision is not to be taken lightly.  Christie Overhead Door is committed to working with you from start to finish, helping you find or design a custom door that’s not only functional and durable, but a beautiful conversation starter for visitors and potential buyers. If you need a new garage door installation, repair or estimate, Christie Overhead Door will handle your installation, quote and repair professionally and timely.