Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety Month Tips

The month of June is Garage Door safety month in the Garage Door industry.
We would like to share some important garage door safety tips with you. Garage door injuries can
be avoided by taking extra precaution.

Garage doors are thought of as much more than storage for your vehicle.
Yes, we all love the option of opening and closing our garage doors automatically upon
leaving and coming back to our home. That’s a fun operation to have on a garage door
if you are fortunate enough to purchase and install this feature.

Converting Your Garage Into Additional Space Requires Garage Door Safety Checks

Some garages are used for backyard storage or garden tools. Some people convert their garages into additional living space. In these cases, a garage door is opened and closed more frequently which can lead to more safety and security concerns. Have a garage door technician inspect the operation of your garage doors seasonally. Garage door
operation can vary from hot summer temperatures to extreme cold weather. Check the security of your garage door often. Make sure all locks work well. If you have keypad entry system, test all the keypad buttons to ensure smooth operation.

Here are a few more garage door safety tips:

• Keep your toolbox, garden tools and household items safely stored in your garage away from the door
• Teach family members about garage door safety to prevent unnecessary injury
• Keep you garage door entry way clear of debris
• Report garage door noises and repairs quickly to avoid growing problems

Garage Door Safety Checks By A Professional Is Recommended

Preventative maintenance of your garage doors and mechanical parts goes a long way.
Purchase a maintenance plan from a garage door service company after you purchase your new garage door. A garage door repair company or garage door technician has the professional training necessary to keep you, your family and guests safe.

Regular maintenance, security check-ups and good organization can prevent your garage doors from wearing prematurely. You will also have peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are secure. Contact Christie Overhead Door for more information about garage door safety and maintenance.

Christie Overhead Door offers garage door maintenance programs, garage door repairs and garage door safety checks in addition to installing new garage doors, garage door openers and gate automation. Christie Overhead Doors services Staten Island, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Long Island. Professional garage door technicians are on staff to handle any garage door maintenance, repairs or safety checks you may need. To view some quick videos on additional garage door safety information visit C.H.I. OverHead Doors.