How To Install A Garage Door?

When planning on installing your own garage door, it’s vital to determine what kind of garage door you’re trying to install.  Not all garage doors are created equal!  If your door has a torsion-spring system, STOP and call in a professional. An Extension-spring system garage door is held in place by extreme tension, STOP and call a garage door specialist.

What I am trying to say here is, although the BIG-BOX stores would like you to believe that this is a DIY project, its not. As a professional garage door dealer and 25 years under my belt, I too have fallen victim to the thought that “ I can do it myself” when it comes to work around the house. Lets face it most DIY’ers have some sort of trade background and are around a building site long enough to see what goes on, myself included. Watching a trained professional do his or her job well makes it look easy. However an Electrician is not a Plumber.  A Plumber is not a Roofer and a Plasterer is not Car Mechanic. As an I.D.E.A. Certified Garage Door Installer and Carpenter by trade, I attempt most house projects myself.

There is a reason that certain industries require certifications and Licensing. Tradesman may  fix a faucet…yes, Change a Boiler…NO! Change an outlet…yes, replace an Electrical Panel…NO! It’s best to know your limits to avoid more coast and headaches in the future. A garage door is the largest moving object in your home and can cause severe injury or death when handled improperly. While installing a garage door might seems like a doable project, it can be incredibly dangerous.  Many people find great DIY success with installing garage doors but don’t put yourself and your family at unnecessary risk. There are hundreds of reputable professional Garage Door dealers to choose from at . There are also hundreds of Emergency rooms you can visit, but I recommend leave garage door installation with a trained and certified professional like Christie Overhead Door.