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Modern Garage Doors Trends In Brooklyn

Modern garage doors are trendy in various parts of New York. There is no doubt that a modern garage door can improve the look of your home or office in Brooklyn, Staten Island and surrounding areas. We tend to focus on interior renovations rather than improving the look of our garage doors. Since the warmer weather has finally arrived on the east coast, it’s a good time to improve your curb appeal. Focus on the outside exterior during spring and summer to make a great first impression. After all, garage doors generally take up 30% of your front facade.

Modern Garage Doors Are Available In Many Styles

If you are shopping for modern garage doors for your home or commercial business, here are some styles to consider:

– Plank garage doors
– Flush or recessed panel garage doors
– Contemporary powder-coated steel or aluminum garage doors
– Painted wood and ink-jet surfaced carriage house doors
– Wood stained and faux wood garage doors

There are so many types of modern garage doors to choose from. You might consider an eco-friendly garage door. From faux reclaimed plank wood to sleek clean steel or aluminum lines the garage door possibilities are truly endless. Most any garage door look you desire is achievable. Technology today is very innovative even when it comes to garage door materials. Fiberglass garage doors and plank design frames with clear or frosted acrylic inserts can make your home look absolutely stunning from the outside. Modern garage doors are also easy to clean and maintain.

How does it feel walking up or driving up to your home or place of business? You can feel good about the outside of your home all year long. Consider renovating the look of your outside facade as well as your interior space this spring or summer. A modern garage door just might put the finishing touches on the curb appeal of your home or office. Contact Christie Overhead Door for more information about the latest modern garage doors in your area. To view more contemporary garage doors visit the CHI website.