5 Tips For Winterizing Garage Doors

Winterizing garage doors before winter is essential.  You haven’t miss the season. Cold weather has still been creeping up in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey lately! Homeowners can expect to experience problems with the opening and closing of their garage doors during frigid temperatures. The cold weather can cause operational problems but there are a few things you can do to be proactive with maintaining the functionality and look of your garage doors.

  1. Grease & Lube Garage Doors
  2. Check Weather Stripping Seals
  3. Insulate Walls in Your Garage
  4. Seal & Cover Your Switches & Outlets
  5. Use Caulk Around Your Garage Doors

Winterizing Garage Doors Is Recommended Every Year

Winterizing Garage DoorsChristie Overhead Doors recommends winterizing your garage doors yearly to minimize maintenance repairs. It’s a good idea to lube and grease your garage doors. This allows the tensioners to keep operating smoothly. Sometimes you may hear cracks or creaking noises when opening or closing your garage doors in winter. This may be a sign that your garage doors need a little TLC.

Be sure to inspect the weather stripping at the bottom of your garage doors. The weather stripping can sometimes loosen or come off if the weather is extreme.  You can upgrade your weather stripping too. Heavy duty weather stripping is available for your garage doors.  Your garage door walls and garage door should be insulated to maximize energy-efficiency.

Did you know that air can infiltrate your wall switches? It’s a good idea to use covers and seals on all your wall switches to prevent cold air from coming inside. It’s easy to overlook such small things in your garage. Take winterizing your garage doors seriously, just like you would for any other exterior elements outside your home.

Many homeowners use caulk around their windows during the winter for a little added insulation and protection. The same mentality can be used on your garage doors. You can easily use caulk around your garage doors to keep cold air and moisture out of your garage. Christie Overhead Doors can answer any questions you may have about winterizing your garage doors. Contact Christie for more information.

Residential Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors And Commercial Garage Doors That Reflect Your Lifestyle

Residential garage doors and commercial garage doors can make a bold statement about your lifestyle. Gone are the days where all residential or commercial garage doors in Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York and New Jersey have one solid, white or brown color. The residential garage door and commercial garage door industry has evolved tremendously over the years. Christie OverHead Door is proud to have evolved with the garage door industry by offering the latest garage door designs to customers across Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York and New Jersey.

Residential Garage Doors & Commercial Garage Doors With Innovative Designs

Residential garage doors and commercial garage doors are much more innovative today. The designs can have the luxury of wood combined with the durability of steel. You can even choose accent plank doors that look similar to the look of wood floors. Accent plank garage doors are available in rich and exquisite hues that match the facade of your home or office. The garage door and commercial garage door industries have come along way. Garage door manufacturers have made great strides in making residential garage doors and commercial garage doors more appealing for homeowners and business owners.

commercialgaragedoorsWhen someone drives or walks up to your home or place of business, does your residential garage door or commercial garage door enhance the look of your home or office? You can make a beautiful design statement by choosing a garage door with colorful images to compliment the way you live or work. For example, do you love to travel or have a favorite baseball team? Maybe you are an avid golfer! You can choose from multiple accent images whether it’s a favorite vacation spot or a logo of the New York Yankees or New York Mets. If you are looking for a commercial garage door, consider using your logo as the accent image. It just might be a great form of advertising. Especially, if your business is located in a high traffic area.

Residential Garage Doors & Commercial Garage Doors With Design Options

Next time you are shopping for a new residential or commercial garage door ask about the following options:

• Wood tones with the durability of steel
• Accent planks for traditional or contemporary garage doors
• Accent images featuring destinations, your favorite MLB™ team or sports game

Did you know that garage doors are available in 3D patterns of nature too? The print technology available today really allows you to totally transform the look of your residential garage doors or commercial garage doors. To learn more about the latest garage door design patterns, wood plank options and accent images available please visit

Have more questions? Contact Christie Overhead Door, the experts in residential garage doors and commercial garage doors located in Staten Island since 1945.

Energy Efficient Garage Door

Energy Efficient Garage Doors Help Reduce Costs

Energy efficient garage doors can help you save money on energy costs. Durable layers of polyurethane foam are added to heavy gauge steel for maximum strength, durability and thermal resistance. An R-value refers to the measure of thermal resistance in the building and construction industry. The ‘R’ stands for resistance. Energy efficient garage doors with a higher R-value can help save on energy bills especially in winter. 

Energy Efficient Garage Doors Reduce Overall Costs

The past two winters in Brooklyn, New York, New Jersey, Staten Island and the northeast have been brutal to say the least. It’s important to purchase energy efficient garage doors with an R-value range of 9.1 to 17.2 to help save you money. New homes take advantage of higher R-values. Older homes generally do not have energy efficient garage doors. If you’ve been feeling a draft in your garage, it’s more than likely you are spending a higher amount on your heating bills. Energy efficient garage doors keep warm air from escaping outside your home or commercial dwelling during winter. Even glass can be insulated to help reduce energy costs.

Energy Efficient Garage Doors Have Insulated Materials And Parts

Insulated materials can be used on many parts of a garage door helping to make it more energy efficient.  The R-value depends on the type of insulation that is used on the garage doors, glass, weather stripping and more.  You’ll want to make sure to use a factory-applied heavy duty weather seal on the bottom of your garage doors to keep the cold elements outside.

If you’re looking to purchase energy efficient residential or commercial garage doors, contact Christie Overhead Door for more information. Christie Overhead Door is a certified residential and commercial garage door expert and installer. Christie Overhead is also an accredited C.H.I. Overhead Doors specialist serving homeowners and commercial businesses in Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey since 1945.