Garage Door Safety

June 2020 Garage Door Safety Month

Every year Christie Overhead Door shares June Garage Door Safety Month tips. It’s easy to take your garage door for granted when it’s working fine. There are a few garage door safety tips we would like to share to avoid any injury, mishaps or security issues.

Garage doors generally last 15 to 20 years when they are taken care of regularly.  Sometimes garage door repairs or maintenance are overlooked which can cause potential problems. Avoid unnecessary risks by keeping your garage doors oiled at least twice a year. Older garage doors can come off track easily if they are not being cared for properly.

Do A Check of Your Storage Items for Garage Door Safety

Keep debris away from your garage door opening inside and outside the garage.  We tend to use our garages for storage, sometimes creating clutter on shelves or in storage systems. Do a check of your garage items to make sure content on shelves or in cabinets is secure. Harsh wind and weather can cause unsecured outdoor items to damage your garage doors. Avoid mishaps by keeping household items away from your garage doors.

Garage Door Safety June 2019

The month of June is a great time for Garage Safety Month. Families typically go on summer vacation with their kids while school is out. Your garage door keypad or garage door opener could leave you susceptible to a break in while you are away.  Systems like Vivint SmartHome has a garage door control system that operates by an app on your mobile phone. If anyone forgets to close the garage door using the remote, you would be able to automatically close and arm your garage door using the Vivint mobile app. Security cameras can also be installed so you can see who approaches your garage door and when.

You may have given your garage door keypad number to a loved one or gave a spare remote opener to a guest visiting your home. Not everyone is as cautious as a homeowner. There are WiFi enabled systems available so you can remotely let family members or friends inside your home through your garage. Remote garage door entry is great if you forget your key or forget to close your garage doors.  It can also be helpful if your remote garage door opener stops working unexpectedly. We all know what it’s like when technology fails us at one time or another.

Keep Children Safe From Garage Door Injuries

During Garage Door Safety Month we emphasize keeping children away from the opening of your garage doors. If you have sports equipment inside your garage, it’s a temptation for kids to look for a ball or bicycle near your garage doors.  Supervise small children and help them find what they are looking for to avoid things falling off shelves. If you have a very old garage doors take precaution and have them serviced while the weather is warm.

garage door safety precautions

Summer is a good time to test, lubricate, insulate, or paint your garage doors. Make sure your garage doors operate smoothly. Oil hardware and tensioners to preserve your garage doors and create a safe home environment. You can remove rust from your garage doors, paint and seal them appropriately before the next winter season arrives. Okay, we just got the chills.

For more information about Garage Door Safety Month in June please contact Christie Overhead Door. We have resources on garage door care and cleaning, security, remote garage door openers, garage door maintenance, and overall garage door safety. Stay safe with the garage door safety tips from all of us at Christie Overhead Door.