Iron Ornamental Garage Door Staten Island

The Latest Trend Iron Ornamental Garage Doors Reach the Northeast

Iron ornamental garage doors are the latest residential home trend in the Northeast.
Christie Overhead door recently installed two iron ornamental garage doors in Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York. Mixing metal and unique designs is a trend Christie Overhead Door is deeply committed to in 2018.

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Prototype of Iron Ornamental Garage Door Design

Owners of Christie Overhead Door, Andrew and Carla Cimmino, are always pushing the envelope in style and trends. Andrew and Carla strive to offer clients unique and elegant solutions at their garage door company located in Staten Island. Recently, Christie Overhead Door designed two new prototypes to feature on new garage door designs. The prototypes will be fitted on actual garage doors in the month of December. Homeowners can expect to see the new designs on iron ornamental garage doors in the Christie Overhead Door showroom by mid-December.

iron ornamental garage door designs

Iron Ornamental Garage Door Design by Christie Overhead Door


The new decorative garage doors are simply unique and beautiful. These residential garage doors will allow homeowners a distinct way to showcase their home and compliment their iron ornamental entry door for a fraction of the cost. Whether your garage doors face the street or if they are located on the side of your home, this design is noticeable to say the least. The new iron ornamental garage door look will make a grand design statement that will absolutely improve your curb appeal.

Iron Ornamental Garage Doors

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn Iron Ornamental Garage Door


Iron ornamental garage doors are very popular on the east coast. Andrew and Carla Cimmino saw an opportunity to offer exclusive new garage door designs to homeowners in Staten Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Long Island. “We are super excited to offer an exclusive garage door design that will elevate the look of homes in our local neighborhoods” said Andrew Cimmino. Christie Overhead Door is taking orders for the new iron ornamental garage door designs now for January 2018. Custom garage door orders can take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.


If you’re shopping around for new garage doors, make an appointment to visit the Christie Overhead Door showroom in Staten Island. The team at Christie will be happy to walk you through their design process. A garage door expert will help you select the best garage door for your home. The exclusive wrought iron garage door designs can be combined with wood and faux wood as well as steel, iron and aluminum for a great look on your home.

There is nothing like the feeling of pulling up to your home and loving it! You can make the façade of your home look completely different from traditional wood garage doors, carriage doors, faux wood garage doors, composite wood doors and more. New iron ornamental garage doors are trending in the New York City boroughs. Contact Christie Overhead Door today for your free estimate. To see more garage door ideas visit HGTV.

New Residential Garage Doors

Selecting New Residential Garage Doors

There is a lot to consider when selecting new residential garage doors for your home. If your garage doors are located in the front of your home, you’ll want to select a new residential garage door with a beautiful design to add curb appeal.

new garage doorsA beautiful residential garage door is an investment to your home. When selecting a new garage door for your Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, New Jersey or Staten Island home, here are a few things to consider:

• Types of Garage Door Styles
• Lasting Durability & Quality Construction
• Energy-Efficiency to Reduce Bills
• Smooth Operation & Safety Features
• Ease of Maintenance

Your budget is probably a key factor in your decision to buy new residential garage doors. If you have a small budget for your residential garage door, consider a garage door with a single layer construction made out of steel without insulation. These types of garage doors are ideal, if you are just looking for a secure place to store or park your car.

New residential garage doors with multiple layers of construction and installation cost more but add strength, energy savings, and value to your home. You can reduce energy bills with an energy-efficient garage door that can produce up to an R=26.5 energy-effiency value. Garage doors with insulation are also more durable and great for noise reduction.

Residential Garage DoorsSince storms are projected to increase in strength, custom garage doors with triple-layer construction offer the best protection and structural integrity. Triple-layer residential garage doors can offer you peace of mind and many more custom design options if you have a higher budget. Some of the most popular garage doors in the Brooklyn, Manhattan and surrounding areas are:

• Steel Garage Doors
• Fiberglass Garage Doors
• Exclusive Faux Iron Garage Doors
• Wood Garage Doors

Have a remodeling job happening before winter or need to replace an existing garage door? Christie Overhead Door offers the most custom options in the garage door industry. Christie provides a free residential garage door design consultation to help you choose a new garage door for your home. Contact Christie Overhead Door today for a free quote.

ornamental iron garage doors

Ornamental Iron Garage Doors Make A Great First Impression

Ornamental iron garage doors can make a great first impression on your Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey or Long Island home. You really do only have one chance to make a first impression. Usually referring to social encounters, the same can be said about your home. What do people say when they first see your home? What does the appearance say about you? Do your garage doors make a statement about your taste and who you are?

In most cases, a homeowner will justify the hefty cost of a custom ornamental iron entry door because of the impact it makes on the front of the home. An ornamental iron garage door is much larger and in most cases becomes cost prohibitive to make the same statement.

Ultimately, homeowners will concede to a plain cookie-cutter looking garage door. What if you could make that same statement without the cost or tremendous maintenance that comes with a thousand pound ornamental iron garage door? What would your home look like with an ornamental iron entry door and an ornamental iron garage door? Ornamental iron garage doors stand out with custom scroll work and custom oil rubbed bronze finishes for an amazing look.

Christie Overhead Door has spent years perfecting the look and feel of an ornamental iron garage door to match your ornamental iron entry doors without sacrificing the warmth or grandeur that an actual ornamental iron garage door deserves. Christie Overhead Door has developed faux iron ornamental garage door design patterns with your budget in mind. Christie Overhead Door currently has two custom iron garage door options to choose from. These faux ornamental iron garage door custom designs are exclusive copyright of the Christie Overhead Door company.

Most real ornamental iron garage doors can cost $8000-$12,000 just to buy. Christie Overhead Door provides a cost-effective solution to owning a beautiful faux ornamental iron garage door starting at just $1999.00 INSTALLED. Christie Overhead Door will help you select a complimentary iron garage door at a price you can afford. Add beauty and value to your home today. Contact Christie Overhead Door for a FREE Ornamental iron garage door design consultation this fall!

Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety Month Tips for 2019

The month of June is Garage Door safety month in the Garage Door industry. We would like to share some important garage door safety tips with you. Garage door injuries can be avoided by taking extra precaution.

Garage doors are thought of as much more than storage for your vehicle.
Yes, we all love the option of opening and closing our garage doors automatically upon leaving and coming back to our home. That’s a fun and convenient operation to have on a garage door if you are fortunate enough to purchase and install this feature.

Converting Your Garage Into Additional Space Requires Garage Door Checks

Some garages are used for backyard storage or garden tools. Some people convert their garages into additional living space. In these cases, a garage door is opened and closed more frequently which can lead to more safety and security concerns. Have a garage door technician inspect the operation of your garage doors seasonally. Garage door operation can vary from hot summer temperatures to extreme cold weather. Check the security of your garage door often. Make sure all the locks work well. If you have a keypad entry system, test all the keypad buttons to ensure smooth operation.

Here are a few more tips:

• Keep your toolbox, garden tools, and household items safely stored in your garage away from the door
• Teach family members about garage door safety to prevent unnecessary injury
• Keep your garage door entryway clear of debris
• Report garage door noises and repairs quickly to avoid growing problems

Garage Door Checks By A Professional Is Recommended

Preventative maintenance of your garage doors and mechanical parts goes a long way. Purchase a maintenance plan from a garage door service company after you purchase your new garage door. A garage door repair company or garage door technician has the professional training necessary to keep you, your family and guests safe.

Regular maintenance, security check-ups, and good organization can prevent your garage doors from wearing prematurely. You will also have peace of mind knowing your home and loved ones are secure. Contact Christie Overhead Door for more information about safety and maintenance.

Christie Overhead Door offers garage door maintenance programs, garage door repairs, and safety checks in addition to installing new garage doors, garage door openers and gate automation. Christie Overhead Doors services Staten Island, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Professional garage door technicians are on staff to handle any garage door maintenance, repairs or safety checks you may need. To view some quick videos on additional safety information visit C.H.I. Overhead Doors.

Best Garage Door Opener Linear

Simplify Your Life With The Best Garage Door Openers

The best garage door openers do more than just open and close automatically. Everyone knows how difficult it is to park in Brooklyn, New York City, New Jersey and Staten Island. Parking spaces are at a premium especially, since more and more people are flooding the streets of New York. Garage door openers give you peace of mind, security and allow you to stay connected to your home.

best garage door openersDid you know that Linear® has a garage door opener that can operate your garage door and control the lighting in your home? Seems even garage door openers are getting smarter these days. Smart technology allows you to open and close your garage doors with ease. You’ll never have to worry about lighting either. Walk from your garage into your home with the perfect amount of light. Control the lighting in your home all from one click on your tablet or smart device.

You can open and close your garage door with a simple app on your mobile phone. Forgot to close the garage door? No problem, close it from anywhere by using a mobile app. Maybe your kids or family members visiting forgot or lost their house key. Let them inside at the touch of a button no matter where you are.

The best garage door openers have smooth operation with durability for long term use. The new technology available allows for quiet operation. Garage door openers can be operated in a number of ways.

  • Keyless Entry
  • Smart Phone
  • Wireless Remote

If you don’t have a new garage door you can still enjoy the benefits of the latest technology. Christie Overhead Door can recommend the best garage door openers that will operate with your current garage door.  Have multiple garage doors? Ask Christie Overhead Door about the best garage door opener to fit your needs.

Spring Garage Door Tune-Ups May Help You Avoid Costly Repairs

Spring is a good time for garage door tune-ups. Consider inspecting your garage door and garage door openers. Make sure to remove stored household items or debris from the sides of each track before inspecting your custom garage doors. Garage door safety comes first.

Do a visual inspection of all garage door parts:

  • Cables
  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Hinges

Seasonal Garage Door Tune-Ups Can Reduce Repair Costs

Garage Door Tune-UpsVisually check the cables on your garage doors to make sure they are not frayed. Garage door hardware can loosen over time. Your garage door moves up and down hundreds of times in the course of a year. Be sure to call a professional to replace any worn parts that are necessary. Don’t take it for granted, inspect your garage doors seasonally to prevent costly repairs in the future.

You can lubricate garage door hinges, springs and bearings with a non-silicone based lubricant to keep your garage doors operating smooth. Check to see if your garage doors are in proper alignment. Your garage door should be evenly flushed at the bottom. Any imbalances in alignment whether right or left can overwork your garage door opener. It’s a good idea to check the garage door remote control battery, and your garage door opener’s Battery Back-up in case you don’t have power to operate the door. Be proactive in changing your battery so your garage door doesn’t stop working at an inconvenient time.

Garage door rollers and weather-stripping should be inspected at least two times a year especially, during change of season. Temperatures can be extreme from winter to summer causing stress on your garage door or parts.

Wash Your Garage Doors As You Would A Car

Some garage doors accumulate dirt or mold spots and will bake in from sun exposure. Remember to wash your garage doors with the appropriate solution just as you would your car. Check your garage door care and cleaning paperwork to use the right products to maintain the look of your garage door.

Garage doors are very durable for the most part but all hardware has wear and tear over time. Keep your garage door tracks clear of debris. You can visually inspect your garage door tracks to make sure the alignment isn’t shifting but any adjustments to your garage tracks should be done by a certified Garage Door technician.

If you haven’t inspected your garage doors in Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey or Queens this spring, contact Christie Overhead Door for more information.


5 Tips For Winterizing Garage Doors

Winterizing garage doors before winter is essential.  You haven’t miss the season. Cold weather has still been creeping up in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and New Jersey lately! Homeowners can expect to experience problems with the opening and closing of their garage doors during frigid temperatures. The cold weather can cause operational problems but there are a few things you can do to be proactive with maintaining the functionality and look of your garage doors.

  1. Grease & Lube Garage Doors
  2. Check Weather Stripping Seals
  3. Insulate Walls in Your Garage
  4. Seal & Cover Your Switches & Outlets
  5. Use Caulk Around Your Garage Doors

Winterizing Garage Doors Is Recommended Every Year

Winterizing Garage DoorsChristie Overhead Doors recommends winterizing your garage doors yearly to minimize maintenance repairs. It’s a good idea to lube and grease your garage doors. This allows the tensioners to keep operating smoothly. Sometimes you may hear cracks or creaking noises when opening or closing your garage doors in winter. This may be a sign that your garage doors need a little TLC.

Be sure to inspect the weather stripping at the bottom of your garage doors. The weather stripping can sometimes loosen or come off if the weather is extreme.  You can upgrade your weather stripping too. Heavy duty weather stripping is available for your garage doors.  Your garage door walls and garage door should be insulated to maximize energy-efficiency.

Did you know that air can infiltrate your wall switches? It’s a good idea to use covers and seals on all your wall switches to prevent cold air from coming inside. It’s easy to overlook such small things in your garage. Take winterizing your garage doors seriously, just like you would for any other exterior elements outside your home.

Many homeowners use caulk around their windows during the winter for a little added insulation and protection. The same mentality can be used on your garage doors. You can easily use caulk around your garage doors to keep cold air and moisture out of your garage. Christie Overhead Doors can answer any questions you may have about winterizing your garage doors. Contact Christie for more information.


Garage Door Company Couple Grows Business To Success

Garage door company Christie Overhead Door was recently featured in an industry magazine by International Door & Operator™. The article by Todd Thomas, IDA Managing director told a story of how a local garage door company in Brooklyn emerged as a top garage door company serving Staten Island, New York City and Long Island.

Garage Door Company Couple Started Out As High School Sweethearts

garage door company owners

Andrew & Carla Cimmino

Christie Overhead Door has been working with homeowners and commercial businesses to supply quality, garage doors since 1945. It hasn’t been an easy journey but it’s a love story that spans decades. Owners of Christie Overhead Door, Andrew and Carla Cimmino, started out as high school sweethearts. Now they are husband and wife and longtime business owners.

Andrew and Carla’s relationship has stood the test of time. They are a remarkable couple that continues to work together in good times and bad. The couple has managed to weather a recession, a facility transition and a restructuring of their garage door company to become a success. Andrew and Carla are true partners in life and they possess strengths that balance each other out.

Garage Door Company Owners Rely On Each Other

Andrew relies on Carla to collect and pay bills without compromising valuable customer relationships. Carla also manages internal staff and procedures to keep things running smooth. “She frees me up to go out and do what I do best,” Andrew says.


Garage Door Company Vanity

A Vanity Andrew Cimmino Handmade

Andrew has been working at Christie Overhead Door since the age of 23. He is a natural when it comes to designing and carving woodwork.  Andrew started out as an installer and garage door technician. He climbed the company ladder overtime by working hard.   Andrew and Carla purchased Christie Overhead Door from the Christie family in April of 1993. They acquired Diamond Door Systems, a garage door company competitor in 1998.

Andrew and Carla attend garage door industry expos and they are active in local industry groups to stay current with the latest garage door innovations. Christie Overhead Door is the only accredited garage door dealer in New York City.  The company takes training and certifications very seriously. The credentials Christie Overhead Door has achieved is evident in the company’s superior technical abilities and exceptional customer service. Professionalism and the ability to create a customer’s vision is at the core of everything Christie Overhead Door does.

garage door company owner andrew-cimminoThis is one Staten Island garage door company with incredible heart. Christie Overhead Door attributes their success to close friends, advisors and dedicated employees. “We have a lot to be grateful for today and this holiday season.” Andrew says.  Christie Overhead Door wishes everyone a happy, healthy holiday season filled with many blessings! Read the full Christie Overhead Door story here.

modern garage doors

Modern Garage Doors Trends In Brooklyn

Modern garage doors are trendy in various parts of New York. There is no doubt that a modern garage door can improve the look of your home or office in Brooklyn, Staten Island and surrounding areas. We tend to focus on interior renovations rather than improving the look of our garage doors. Since the warmer weather has finally arrived on the east coast, it’s a good time to improve your curb appeal. Focus on the outside exterior during spring and summer to make a great first impression. After all, garage doors generally take up 30% of your front facade.

Modern Garage Doors Are Available In Many Styles

If you are shopping for modern garage doors for your home or commercial business, here are some styles to consider:

– Plank garage doors
– Flush or recessed panel garage doors
– Contemporary powder-coated steel or aluminum garage doors
– Painted wood and ink-jet surfaced carriage house doors
– Wood stained and faux wood garage doors

There are so many types of modern garage doors to choose from. You might consider an eco-friendly garage door. From faux reclaimed plank wood to sleek clean steel or aluminum lines the garage door possibilities are truly endless. Most any garage door look you desire is achievable. Technology today is very innovative even when it comes to garage door materials. Fiberglass garage doors and plank design frames with clear or frosted acrylic inserts can make your home look absolutely stunning from the outside. Modern garage doors are also easy to clean and maintain.

How does it feel walking up or driving up to your home or place of business? You can feel good about the outside of your home all year long. Consider renovating the look of your outside facade as well as your interior space this spring or summer. A modern garage door just might put the finishing touches on the curb appeal of your home or office. Contact Christie Overhead Door for more information about the latest modern garage doors in your area. To view more contemporary garage doors visit the CHI website.

New Garage Doors

New Garage Doors – A Major Part Of Your Curb Appeal

New Garage Doors are a major part of your curb appeal. Curb Appeal is particularly important in the spring and summer when the sun shines more and the grass is green. People seem to pay more attention to the overall look of your home or storefront when the weather changes here in Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island.

New Garage DoorsThere is nothing like having a new garage door that functions well to enhance your curb appeal. Whether you plan to sell or stay in your home, a new garage door adds tremendous value and beauty. There are many types of new garage doors that can compliment your home. You can go with traditional wood stains or modern glass doors for a more contemporary look. Of course, the style of your home plays a big part in selecting new garage doors for your home or commercial building.

Christie Overhead Door comes out to your home or business to inspect your current garage door appearance and functionality. The safety of your garage door is a primarily concern. If the springs or actual garage door is broken it could be a hazard to you, family members, friends, neighbors, pets and service providers. Many times homeowners use a garage door as the main entry and exit way to their home. It’s important to check the functionality of your garage door often since it is one of the biggest moving parts of your home. Christie Overhead Door makes new garage door recommendations based on your safety, appearance, functionality and budget.

Homeowners often take for granted the ease of use and automation of clicking a button to open and close a garage door. Your garage door springs and cables should be checked routinely once you purchase new garage doors. Ask your garage door specialists about safety inspections and annual maintenance plans to keep your door in good working order.

New Garage Doors Are Recommended By Trained & Certified Professionals

The garage door specialists at Christie Overhead Door can help you select a garage door to make your home look absolutely stunning from the outside. Your curb appeal will substantially improve with new garage doors that compliment your home or office building. Spring and summer are ideal times of year to inspect your garage door looks from the curb. Since the weather is warmer, ask for a garage door quality control test by a trained garage door technician. A garage door technician or specialist is the only professional capable of testing or recommending a new garage door altogether.

Garage Doors can last up to 15 years if they are maintained properly. If you use your garage door more than twice a day, or as the main entrance to your home, you may want to test for malfunctions on a more regular basis. If your garage door is making unusual noises do not delay contacting a professional and certified garage door specialist. Repairs can be more costly if problems persist and of course the safety of others comes first to prevent injury.

Contact Christie Overhead Door for more information about improving the curb appeal of your home with a new garage door. We’re always happy to consult with you or provide a free estimate. If you have questions about garage door maintenance call (718) 241-8585. Christie Overhead Door services Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island.